I’ve just updated the sacy repository again and tagged a v0.3-beta1 release.

The main feature since yesterday is support for the official compilers and tools if you can provide them on the target machine.

The drawback is that these things come with hefty dependencies at times (I don’t think you’d find a shared hoster willing to install node.js or Ruby for you), but if you can provide the tools, you can get some really nice advantages over the PHP ports of the various compilers:

  • the PHP port of sass has an issue that prevents @import from working. sacy’s build script does patch that, but the way they were parsing the file names doesn’t inspire confidence in the library. You might get a more robust solution by using the official tool.

  • uglifier-js is a bit faster than JSMin, produces significantly smaller output and comes with a better license (JSMin isn’t strictly free software as it has this “do no evil” clause)

  • coffee script is under very heavy development, so I’d much rather use the upstream source than some experimental fun project. So far I haven’t seen issues with coffeescript-php, but then I haven’t been using it much yet.

Absent from the list you’ll find less and css minification:

  • the PHP native CSSMin is really good and there’s no single official external tool out that demonstrably better (maybe the YUI compressor, but I’m not going to support something that requires me to deal with Java)

  • lessphp is very lightweight and yet very full featured and very actively developed. It also has a nice advantage over the native solution in that the currently released native compiler does not support reading its input from STDIN, so if you want to use the official less, you have to go with the git HEAD.

Feel free to try this out (and/or send me a patch)!

Oh and by the way: If you want to use uglifier or the original coffee script and you need node but can’t install it, have a look at the static binary I created

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