Today in the office, a discussion about the merits of Ruby compared to Python and the other way around (isn’t it fun to have people around actually willing to discuss such issues?) lead into us making fun of different programming languages by interjecting some sore points about them into their names.

The Skype conversation went roughly as follows (I removed some stuff for brevity but all the language names are intact):

thepilif: ja-long variable names and no function pointers-va really sucks thepilif: though there's always C(*^~**<<)++ thepilif: and then there's alyways Del-Access violation at address 02E41C10. Read of address 02E41C10-phi thepilif: or P-false==true-HP Coworker: ok so for the sake of it i should add py thon thepilif: or java-everything is global-script thepilif: too bad it doesn't work for C thepilif: C-sigsegv thepilif: they know why they just chose one letter Coworker: exactly, k&r are smart Coworker: has-how the fuck do i do a print-skell? Coworker: pe/(^$^)/rl thepilif: or pe-module? object? hash? what's the difference-rl Coworker: so we could say pe/$^/rl thepilif: and ru-lets rewrite our syntax on the fly-by Coworker: l(i(s(p))) thepilif: can't you wrap this into another pair of ()? thepilif: (l(i(s(p)))))) Coworker: yes even better thepilif: and add the syntax error thepilif: one too many ) Coworker: it's impossible to match them just by looking thepilif: totally impossible. yes Coworker: the human brain is no fucking pushdown automata Coworker: but maybe the lisp people are Coworker: vb! vb needs one thepilif: visual-on error resume next-basic thepilif: and of course brain-<<<<<******<<<>>>>-fuck thepilif: c-tries to be dynamic, but var just doesn't cut it-# thepilif: c-not quite java nor c(++)?-# thepilif: though the first one feels better thepilif: oh.. and of course HT-unknown error-ML thepilif: as a tribute to IE6 thepilif: and of course la-no bugs but still not usable-tex thepilif: sorry, Knuth thepilif: and send-$*$_**^$$$-mail

So the question is: Do you have anything to add? Do you feel that we were overly unfair?

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