Now that I've created the new design for the front page, the next step was to get working at the archive. As I disliked the Popup-Window, MT created for comments, I had a look into the detail view of an entry, aka. the individual archives.

It's not yet linked from the new index-page, but here's an entry using the new template. You may see that I've chosen some more useful filenames for the individual entries, that the sidebar is now also visible in the sub-pages and that the comments still look like they did in the old MT-layout - richard has not provided me with a good looking comments-template yet.

By the way: This would be an entry with trackback-pings. Looks quite nice to me.

If you by any chance visit, tell my what you think!

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With my recent motivation in posting here, the desire grew to actually create a layout for I've asked richard whether he would be so kind to create one which he actually did. Many thanks Richard.

Now my knowledge in HTML is quite limited. The last time I actually did something in HTML besides tweaking some templates here and there to enter some dynamical content in, was about three years ago - way before CSS was something browsers did actually understand.

So - to make things interesting for me, I deceided that I will use no tables, no old-fashioned HTML-hacks, but straight CSS and DIV's for "converting" Richards Photoshop-File to something your browser understands.

At first, it was quite difficult, but I made quite some progress as the time continued. The code looks quite nice too.

But have a look for yourself.

Currently I'm working at adopting the layout to the rest of this MT-based pages which at first will involve quite some reading the documentation. Until I'm ready, the alternative index-page above is the only thing you're going to see about the new layout, but it's already MT-integrated, you if you want, you can bookmark it insted of the old index-page.

I will post some newbie-notes for CSS-beginners later on.

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If you own either a T610 or Z600 mobile phone, you may know of floAt's Mobile Agent a not-so-stable but even more powerful tool for accessing the phone from your PC. Sending SMSes, Managing contacts, even getting a popup windows when somebody calls you - everything is possbible.

Everything but synchronizing with outlook. There's just some kind of CVS export for your contacts, but this is very uncomfortable to handle. The bluetooth sync-profile the Widcomm software provides would do the trick, but I've many more contacts in outlook than there's space on the phone. So I need a way to specify which contacts to synchronize.

The software that comes from ericsson, XTNDConnect PC, has support for filters (I've created a category T610 and I'm syncing only contacts whithin this category), so would be doing the job.

Unfortunatly, this Ericsson PhoneMonitor-thing which XTNDConnect relies on is slightly incompatible to MobileAgent - either the phone is not detected or MobileAgent loses its connection (which locks my workstation because I'm using the proximity detection). I've never succeded in finding a way to reproducibly use both programs concurrently.

Not 'till now.

(BT-Driver is Widcomm 1.4.x but it should work with 1.3 too)

  1. Open the Advanced Bluetooth configuration.
  2. Client Applications Tab.
  3. Add COM Port
  4. OK to everything
  5. Double click the BT-Icon in the Tray
  6. "View devices in range"
  7. Double click your phone
  8. Right-click "Serial Port 2" and create a shortcut.
  9. go up two levels.
  10. right click the created shortcut, properties.
  11. Select the newly created port
  12. OK everything
  13. In the control panel open the Ericsson Phone Monitor
  14. In COM Ports, select the newly created port, chose "Reserve" and "Enable"
  15. OK

Before synchronizing, double click the newly created shortcut in your "bluetooth places". The phone will not immediatly be detected, but as soon as you start XTNDConnect and hit "synchronize", it will be.

What you did with this steps is creating two virtual com-ports for the phone that can be concurrently used. That way you can use XTNDConnect to synchronize with outlook and MobileAgent for the rest. Very nice.

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Forte finally released Agent 2.0, a complete rewrite of the IMHO best newsreader for the windows plattform. I've just downloaded (and registered - there's a quite reasonable upgrade fee of $15) the new version and I'm going to have a look at it...

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