I've just finished a first version of a printing-stylesheet. Now when you print one of the pages here, you will get a more suitable layout without navigation and background-colors.

The more I'm working with stylesheets, the more I begin to like that. There is virtually nothing you can't do, it's quite browser-interoperable, it's easy to do. It's just nice.

Now the only thing left to do is to convice Richard also to use CSS whenever possible so that our company's webpages get the same clean code.

Very nice!

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With the monthly archives now working, I finally enabled the new layout per default. There are still some tweaks to do, but those will require me to learn even more CSS which is the next thing I'll do. And there is the search results template still coming in the old design. Will fix that too.

But for now: Enjoy!

Many thanks go to Richard for providing me with the template.

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Now that I've created the new design for the front page, the next step was to get working at the archive. As I disliked the Popup-Window, MT created for comments, I had a look into the detail view of an entry, aka. the individual archives.

It's not yet linked from the new index-page, but here's an entry using the new template. You may see that I've chosen some more useful filenames for the individual entries, that the sidebar is now also visible in the sub-pages and that the comments still look like they did in the old MT-layout - richard has not provided me with a good looking comments-template yet.

By the way: This would be an entry with trackback-pings. Looks quite nice to me.

If you by any chance visit gnegg.ch, tell my what you think!

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With my recent motivation in posting here, the desire grew to actually create a layout for gnegg.ch. I've asked richard whether he would be so kind to create one which he actually did. Many thanks Richard.

Now my knowledge in HTML is quite limited. The last time I actually did something in HTML besides tweaking some templates here and there to enter some dynamical content in, was about three years ago - way before CSS was something browsers did actually understand.

So - to make things interesting for me, I deceided that I will use no tables, no old-fashioned HTML-hacks, but straight CSS and DIV's for "converting" Richards Photoshop-File to something your browser understands.

At first, it was quite difficult, but I made quite some progress as the time continued. The code looks quite nice too.

But have a look for yourself.

Currently I'm working at adopting the layout to the rest of this MT-based pages which at first will involve quite some reading the documentation. Until I'm ready, the alternative index-page above is the only thing you're going to see about the new layout, but it's already MT-integrated, you if you want, you can bookmark it insted of the old index-page.

I will post some newbie-notes for CSS-beginners later on.

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