My own bookmarks-management is somewhat non-existant. Those few pages I’ve actually bookmarked are the ones with long URLs (longer than for example - a page which definitely is one worthy of being in my bookmarks-file). There are so few bookmarks, that I use only the “Personal Toolbar”-Feature of Mozilla Firefox - the Bookmarks-Menu is completely empty.

As I wanted to do some coding and tweaking around with MovableType, I’ve deceided to create this little tool which renders my original bookmarks.html from my mozilla profile to something more useful.

I initally tried to just apply a CSS-style to the original file, but that was not possible because a) it has much too less named identifiers or structure to style it properly, b) I would have had to do some coding anyway bacause I wanted to display the bookmark-image and c) the original file is nowhere near XHTML-compliant - so that’s another reason which would have forced me to do some coding anyway.

I hope you like the thing and forgive me those two “evil” links - there is virtually no way to get to subtitled animees the legal way, so I have to refer to “other” channels. Much the same with english video games: You simply can’t get them here in Switzerland, so I usually buy the german version and download the english one (Broken Sword 3 was the last one).

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I’ve just finished a first version of a printing-stylesheet. Now when you print one of the pages here, you will get a more suitable layout without navigation and background-colors.

The more I’m working with stylesheets, the more I begin to like that. There is virtually nothing you can’t do, it’s quite browser-interoperable, it’s easy to do. It’s just nice.

Now the only thing left to do is to convice Richard also to use CSS whenever possible so that our company’s webpages get the same clean code.

Very nice!

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With the monthly archives now working, I finally enabled the new layout per default. There are still some tweaks to do, but those will require me to learn even more CSS which is the next thing I’ll do. And there is the search results template still coming in the old design. Will fix that too.

But for now: Enjoy!

Many thanks go to Richard for providing me with the template.

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Now that I’ve created the new design for the front page, the next step was to get working at the archive. As I disliked the Popup-Window, MT created for comments, I had a look into the detail view of an entry, aka. the individual archives.

It’s not yet linked from the new index-page, but here’s an entry using the new template. You may see that I’ve chosen some more useful filenames for the individual entries, that the sidebar is now also visible in the sub-pages and that the comments still look like they did in the old MT-layout - richard has not provided me with a good looking comments-template yet.

By the way: This would be an entry with trackback-pings. Looks quite nice to me.

If you by any chance visit, tell my what you think!

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